A Local Food Utopia

May 10, 2015

Wyebrook FarmLast night my husband and I uncovered a hidden gem, a local food utopia that prepares amazing food, grown on premises in a humane, healthy and organic way. To me, this is the holy grail of dining! The utopia in question is called Wyebrook Farm, a gorgeous working farm in Honey Brook, Pennsylvania (about an hour’s drive west of Philadelphia.) Wyebrook’s motto aligns perfectly with my own: “At Wyebrook Farm, we provide an alternative to the industrial food supply. By creating a diverse polyculture on our farm, we produce the healthiest animals and best food without the use of artificial fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, hormones or antibiotics.”

IMG_5904Wyebrook raises all of their food animals on site, and works with several area CSA’s to obtain their produce. The meat is butchered on site; pasta, bread and some cheeses featured on the menu are also prepared at the farm. The menu offers only seasonally appropriate meat and vegetable selections, to embrace what’s available locally.

There is a small restaurant inside Wyebrook’s spectacular barn, as well as a meat and cheese market. A huge patio in back of the barn with outdoor seating, and this is what makes the meal so special. The outdoor dining areas are perched on a hill, overlooking the farm’s large pastures.

Wyebrook patioMy meal was fantastic (heirloom carrot salad, mushroom tagliatelle – the pasta is hand-made on site – and a mushroom pot pie that was savory and satisfying.) My husband, who is not a vegetarian like me, had the braised beef shoulder, which he pronounced as one of the single best cuts of meat he’s ever eaten. I didn’t object to his meal selection because I was able to see firsthand how wonderfully, naturally and humanely Wyebrook Farm’s animals are raised. The setting is gorgeous, and the meal was one of the best I’ve ever eaten.

PigletAfter dinner, we strolled around the farm and saw a large number of pigs, happily trolling through a wooded area, while others gleefully rolled in mud. In a separate spot, mother pigs were given large areas to raise their piglets. Ducks roamed free around the farm, taking advantage of a large pond visible from the outdoor dining deck. A large herd of cows grazed in a green, lush meadow. We also saw several apiaries; any good farmer knows that a healthy bee population is essential to the farm’s success. Our waiter informed us that the animals are rotated throughout the various pastures during the year, which allows the pastures to thrive as each species seeks something different from the land. Pasture rotation is an essential strategy for organic farms.

I’ve posted about my passion for organic, humanely raised food before. Wyebrook Farm is a model for how food should be produced, and for how Americans should eat. It’s essential that we support local farmers like Wyebrook, and cheer them on as they champion the food revolution!