A Tough Pill to Swallow

February 21, 2012

Anyone who has been owned by a cat knows that they are often difficult, if not impossible, to medicate.  Liquid medications end up spit out, dripping down the furniture and pills mysteriously reappear on the floor 30 minutes after they’ve been given. Some dogs even present a challenge to “pill”, although most would happily accept medication in a slice of chicken, cheese or a meatball. For those of us who’ve ever lost the battle to pill a pet, Greenies Pill Pockets are an absolute necessity.

These delectable items are soft, tasty treats designed with a shallow divot in the center, perfect for hiding a pill of virtually any size. Dogs, and even finicky cats, will often eat these with enthusiasm. They come in a variety of flavors for dogs and cats, and even in different sizes depending on the size of the pill you need to administer. Most recently, I discovered Greenies makes an Allergy Formula, which is ideal for those of us who have pets with food allergies (Phoebe, this one’s for you!) Thank you, Greenies, for helping us pet owners win the pilling war!