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Kitten Care 101' | August 9, 2013

It’s been about 13 years since we had a kitten in the Dr. D household, and, with the addition of Mango’s progeny Watermelon (now called Pudge), I am having a refresher course in Kitten 101. I darn near forgot how much energy kittens have! And how they get into everything (electrical cords, closets, toilet paper.) […]

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I Don’t Know Nothin’ About Birthin’ No Kittens!' | June 18, 2013

Our foster cat Mango had her kittens just over a week ago. Strawberry, Pineapple and Watermelon are thriving! Mango is an experienced mama cat, and she has been taking excellent care of her babies. Things are pretty easy for me at this point, since Mango is meeting all the kittens’ needs. Around 4 weeks of […]

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The Dreaded Lampshade' | January 12, 2013

So, your cat just had surgery. Or your dog has been licking himself incessantly, creating a hot spot. Your veterinarian emphatically recommends that Fluffy/Fido wear an Elizabethan collar (E-collar) to allow the incision/wound to heal. You think Fluffy will freak out and hide all day with the E-collar on. Or that Fido can’t walk, eat, […]

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Meow Mix' | July 30, 2012

Well, my time has come. Somehow, even after working in this profession for a decade, I’ve not had the opportunity to foster a litter of kittens. That all changed this week, when a good samaritan client brought in three kittens she had found in her neighborhood. One of our technicians quickly volunteered to hand-raise the […]

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Many Lemons Make Lemonade' | May 28, 2012

I’ve been lucky to share my home with many cats and dogs over the past years (and lucky to have a husband who helps manage the zoo!). Like many of my clients, I’ve been unlucky to have pets with unusual, chronic and sometimes expensive diseases and conditions. I’ve learned an incredible amount from my pets, and their […]

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Hello, Woof and Meow' | May 20, 2012

Hello and welcome!  I’m Dr D, and I’m lucky enough to be a small animal veterinarian.  After a decade working in veterinary medicine, I’ve learned that many of my clients have similar concerns, interests and questions about cats and dogs.  This is a space to have an ongoing conversation about those topics vital to cat […]

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