Hunting for Food

September 14, 2020

We may have domesticated cats in many ways, but we have not successfully domesticated their appetites. “Snarf and barf” is an all-too-common phenomenon, where pets inhale their food, and then regurgitate it moments later. Couple this problem with the fact that many indoor cats lack physical activity, and it’s understandable that there is a feline obesity epidemic in America!

We have also not domesticated the feline drive to hunt prey, as many owners who have indoor/outdoor kitties can attest. (Clients tell me all the time that their cats bring home “gifts” of birds, mice and even snakes!)

A local area veterinarian has created a product that may revolutionize how we feed our kitties, and provide them with some intellectual stimulation. Called the No Bowl Feeding System, this novel feeding system provides five “mice” that can be filled with cat kibble, and hidden around the home. This encourages Fluffy to hunt and seek out her meals, while limiting the quantity of food she can consume in any one sitting. Genius!