We Declare 2023 the Year of the Cat!

January 11, 2023

At NSVH, we have declared 2023 to be the Year of the Cat! Did you know that the American Association of Feline Practitioners awarded NSVH Gold Status as a Certified Cat Friendly Practice? Only a small percentage of veterinary hospitals across the US have received this distinction — we have maintained this certification since our doors opened in 2016. What does this mean for your kitty?

  • We have a dedicated feline-only exam room (no dogs allowed!) This minimizes stressful scents and sounds for our feline patients. We have a Feliway pheromone diffuser to reduce stress as well as numerous tasty kitty treats!
  • All of our team members have undergone extensive training in stress-free and gentle handling techniques for our kitty friends.
  • NSVH has a dedicated waiting area in the lobby for cats, keeping them separated from canine companions.
  • We perform all treatments and blood draws in the exam room, allowing kitties to remain with their owners and eliminating stressful movement around the hospital.

Cats often do not receive the same level of medical care as dogs, but they need and deserve annual comprehensive examinations and wellness bloodwork just as our canine companions do! Cats are masterful at hiding illness. We want to identify disease early, when it is most treatable.

NSVH is thrilled to announce that we now offer Solensia, a groundbreaking new treatment for cats with pain associated with arthritis. Solensia is a once-monthly injection, containing a monoclonal antibody designed to control pain associated with osteoarthritis in cats. 77% of cat owners reported improvement in signs of pain when their cats were treated monthly with Solensia in a 3-month study. Solensia is truly revolutionary, and is safe in cats with underlying illness and cats receiving chronic medications. Ask our team if your kitty would benefit from this exciting new therapy!

We know veterinary visits can be stressful for our feline friends. Our team is here to help! We can offer strategies for reducing stress in the carrier, as well as prescription medications to take the fear, anxiety and stress out of veterinary visits. Call us to discuss your kitty’s needs, and let’s celebrate the Year of the Cat together!