We are excited to share that NSVH is now offering therapeutic laser therapy for our patients! Our Companion laser is a pain-free, side-effect free, noninvasive method to treat a variety of painful and uncomfortable conditions.

Arthritis, injuries, wounds, chronic skin infections, cystitis, ear infections and UTI’s are just a few of the diseases that may benefit from this cutting edge therapy.

All of our doctors and veterinary technicians have undergone extensive training in laser therapy, and we are thrilled to be able to offer this treatment to our clients and patients. We even have custom eye protection for our patients, staff and clients!

Along with Librela (for dogs) and Solensia (for cats), we now have numerous safe, multi-modal pain management options for our patients.

Ask us if your pet might benefit from these exciting new treatments! We are happy to customize a pain management plan that is optimized for your pets’ needs.