Fear Free is the Only Way to Be!

September 30, 2023

Pet owners can all agree that Fear Free is the only way to be! NSVH has embraced the Fear Free philosophy, and we are seeing such a difference in our patients. Low stress handling techniques, high value/ tasty food treats and calming pheromones markedly reduce our patients’ fear, anxiety and stress. We see so many dogs and cats that previously were terrified at the vet, and now have a positive and productive visit with us!


We are always working to improve our gentle handling methods, as well as adding more tasty food options to our Fear Free pantry. Each of our patients has a customized “emotional record” where we note which techniques, foods and tactics work best during their appointment, so we can replicate the positive experience again in the future.

You may have seen us using a Lickimat during your pet’s appointment. These have been a game changer for keeping ourĀ  patients busy and occupied with cheese and peanut butter. Lickimats can also be used at home to distract your pet during nail trims or bathing. They are available on Amazon and other pet retailers.


Please let us know what foods and treats your pet likes best! We want to make sure we are offering the most tasty options.