Wrap It Up

May 30, 2012

There are so many amazing products in veterinary medicine that make our jobs easier. Some, like digital radiography (x-rays) are literal life-savers, but can be expensive and complicated technology. Others, such as one of my favorite products, are simple, inexpensive designs.

Vetwrap is a product we use every day, in a variety of situations. It’s a self-adherent bandaging material that clings to itself, but to nothing else. This is vital when your patients have lots of fur!  We use it for limb and foot bandages, to secure intravenous catheters in place, to cover wounds and surgical incisions and to add a spot of color to our clients’ day. Vetwrap not only comes in an amazing selection of colors, but also fun patterns such as hearts, smiley faces and camouflage.

A product like this is indispensable for us, and it also has “client appeal” since we can choose colors and patterns to suit the patient (we often try to match the colors in our patients’ collars).   The good news for us humans is that similar products are available for us, and sold in pharmacies everywhere.  The bad news is that the human product is flesh-colored. Apparently the bright colors and patterns are “for the dogs”!